Karin Boye i Sovjet

Jag gör en liten avstickare in i litteraturkritiken, men när ingen annan verkar ha gjort kopplingen mellan Boyes ”Ja visst gör det ont” och Samjatins sovjetiska dystopi får väl jag göra det.

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It’s Alive!!!

I tried out the new Frankenstein app/novel by Dave Morris for inkle and was confounded at first. It resembles games so far as you constantly have to make choices: after reading a section you must choose between a number of headlines, a choice which directs your path through the story.

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The Tweeting Twenties

You ask your students to sum up The Great Gatsby in a tweet, and as always they deliver. Here’s a sample: ”In the gorgeous 20s, one great man forever longing for the love of his life. Love disaster and heartbreak in their dashing, glamorous lives.” ”Everybody who is anybody is seen at Gatsby’s glittering parties. […]

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Why don’t Swedish kids read?

In Japan, young people read on their phones. In Russia, people use the computer when distribution is scarce. In Sweden, kids don’t read. You might have heard of cell phone novels. Since 2003 when the first chapter of pseudonym Yoshi’s Deep Love was launched, cell phone writing and reading has changed Japan’s youth culture. Titles […]

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