The Tweeting Twenties

You ask your students to sum up The Great Gatsby in a tweet, and as always they deliver. Here’s a sample:

”In the gorgeous 20s, one great man forever longing for the love of his life. Love disaster and heartbreak in their dashing, glamorous lives.”

”Everybody who is anybody is seen at Gatsby’s glittering parties. He’s just a man named Gatsby. What is the American Dream?”

”Their lives are a blur of sumptuous unreality and the reality of lovers, hate and lies has its ending in an inevitable death.”

”The Great Gatsby shows that when dreams grow too big, someone pays the price.”

”A mysterious self-made millionaire shows up and things get stirred up. Enormous parties, infidelity and buried love. The roaring twenties.”

”5 friends, different life styles, old love coming back. Jealousy and losing yourself.”

”The roaring 20s – Charleston, booze and emotional tragedy. Gatsby’s empire a game of lies and his lover ain’t nothing but a gold digger.”

”Days filled with parties, cocktails and frightening lies – a simple way to live in the past or running away from it?”

”Gatsby is in love with Daisy, who’s married to Tom, who has an affair with Myrtle, who’s married to George, who kills Gatsby.”


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