Reality 3.0

What will happen when we digitalize the classroom? I have a feeling (well, not just a feeling) that the issue is much bigger than choosing to write on ipads instead of using pen and paper, or collecting your notes in Evernote and not in a folder. Are we instead in the midst of a paradigm […]

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Cut the Crap

Sometimes, the best way to approach stupidity is to do what Burroughs did and cut it up. The idea is to take a piece of work, cut it up and rearrange the parts, and hope that something better (or, hopefully, truer) will emerge. In our modern day and age we use a cut-up machine rather than scissors, […]

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Technofear – what is it good for?

In Thinking Through Technology from 1994, Carl Mitcham outlines the historical basis for questioning technology. The assumption among technologists has always been that technological theories work and that the work is good and useful. But why take that for granted? From Plato to Descartes, the dominating attitude has been an idealistic one: technology grows out […]

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